The Explorer is a two-part course. The first part involves the understanding of the nature of the problem, and the designing of an individualised treatment programme. The second part takes place a week after the initial session and includes a scheduled day-return flight to continental Europe accompanied by Elaine.

Part One:

This a half-day session. Participants learn to understand of the nature of the problem, looking at how it developed, what is maintaining it, and, most importantly, what to do about it. Within the first session, individualised treatment programme is devised for each person. It provides techniques to deal with the anxiety they are likely to experience in the run up to the flight which will take place in a week’s time.

Part Two:

This is a full day session. Participants meet up with Elaine at the airport. We check in for an international day return flight to a European destination. We then go through airport security just like all the other passengers. Participants are both encouraged and enabled to utilise the individualised treatment techniques they have learned and practiced in the preceding week. We fly on a scheduled airline, enabling people to see themselves travelling like anyone else, rather than in a specialised, protected environment. We fly back from our destination, and most people, then find that they can continue to put the techniques into practice, and fly to their chosen destinations without Elaine being there. Should anyone wish to have a follow up discussion, Elaine is available for this.

Give Elaine a call on 01243 920161 to find out more.