Fear of Flying vs The Freedom to Fly

Do you dream of sunning yourself on golden sands or watching a glorious sunset over tropical seas? Do you have friends or family who have moved abroad that you long to see but have never visited? Perhaps you feel your job prospects have been limited because you keep turning down that business trip overseas? You’re not alone you know.

Statistics show that 500 million people worldwide have a fear of flying, even though flying is known to be the safest form of transport.

Fear of flying is a common phenomenon often underpinned by the fear of losing control.

Worrying about turbulence, terrorism, technical issues with the aeroplane? Perhaps it’s the feeling trapped, or a fear of panicking and ‘losing it’. Perhaps you suffer from agoraphobia, claustrophobia or have a fear of heights?

All these can be part of a fear of flying.

Whatever your concerns about flying the ‘Freedom to Fly Programme’ can help you gain control and allow you to enjoy air travel, a fundamental part of modern life.

The ‘Freedom to Fly Programme’ has a 95% success rate. It uses highly effective cognitive behaviour therapy to help you overcome your fear of flying.

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With the help of the ‘Freedom to Fly Programme’ you could move from not wanting to fly to be thinking instead at the airport ‘Where can I fly to next…?

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